Ampyx Power concludes informal investments campaign

14.03.2014 - With the issue of equity in Ampyx Power to around 300 informal investors, Ampyx Power has concluded its extremely successful informal investment round. A total of € 1.8 million was invested in amounts varying from € 100 to € 250.000. In April-June 2013 Ampyx Power offered its Subordinated Convertible Loans through the leading Dutch crowd funding platform OnePlanetCrowd, yielding € 330.000. Significant further informal investments followed. No less than 99.5% of the outstanding loan amount has now been converted into equity by informal investors.

The remainder of the € 2.35 million equity round which closed on March 14th, was furnished by Ampyx Power's existing investor base. Rabobank-managed Dutch Greentech Fund and Mainport Innovation Fund, whose first investments in Ampyx Power were made in September 2012, made investments in order to maintain a constant stake in Ampyx. In addition, three out of Ampyx' six angel investors participated in this round. "We're extremely pleased with this result. It's obviously great that we managed to attract a broad informal investor base during the past year," says Wolbert Allaart, director of Ampyx Power, "and sourcing nearly € 2 million informal investments is a great result for a high-risk early stage technology venture like Ampyx. The fact that five out of eight of our existing investors endorsed Ampyx Power once again by co-investing in this round, is very reassuring to us."

Informal investors have indicated that the Ampyx Power proposition struck the right balance between impact and financial attractiveness. "I was very pleased with both the solid company valuation process and the resulting price of Depository Receipts of shares at which conversion of loans was offered," stated one of the larger informal investors, "but the dominant reason of my investment remains that I find it very appealing to contribute to the development of a groundbreaking renewable energy technology, while making a financial investment with venture capital type risks and returns at the same time."

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