October 13, 2016

Bernard van Hemert joins team Ampyx Power

Ampyx Power has appointed Bernard van Hemert (1961) as project manager from the 1st of October. Bernard will be responsible for the research of the offshore application of Power Planes and for the realisation of the commercial prototype AP4.

Bernard van Hemert brings a lot of experience in the offshore wind energy industry to Ampyx Power. He was involved in the construction of large wind farms in the North Sea, including Gemini, Belwind and Princess Amalia. Ampyx Power is developing a next generation wind energy technology with an autonomous tethered aircraft called the PowerPlane.

Bernard will lead the offshore research that will be carried out in cooperation with research institutes ECN, Marin, as well as Mocean Offshore. The aim of the study is to determine how the PowerPlane can be optimally deployed at sea. The Top Consortium Knowledge and Innovation Offshore Wind supports this research with a grant of € 450 000, -. The study will run for eighteen months and will start soon.

Bernard will also focus on the project management of the commercial prototype PowerPlane (AP4), the successor of the prototype (AP3), which is now being built.

After his appointment to Ampyx Power, Bernard will continue his involvement as technical project manager for the completion phase of the offshore wind farm Gemini.

Wolbert Allaart, CEO Ampyx Power: “With Bernard van Hemert we have gained the expertise to achieve our offshore ambitions. Bernard was partly responsible for the construction of 150 wind turbines in the wind farm Gemini and delivered within time and budget. We look forward to working with Bernard, because of his impressive track record and his enthusiasm for our technology and our company. ”