November 17, 2017

Kansen voor West II subsidy granted

Ampyx Power will receive € 2.5 million from the European Commission’s European Regional Development Fund (ERDF). This subsidy enables Ampyx Power to accelerate the development of its next prototype AP3.

The grant is provided by the ‘Kansen voor West’ program, a cooperation between four provinces (North and South Holland, Utrecht and Flevoland) and the four major cities Amsterdam, The Hague, Rotterdam and Utrecht. These eight have made a program for the second time to give the regional economy in the Randstad area an innovative boost. This is done by granting subsidies to businesses in the region. In 2010, Ampyx Power already received a grant from the Kansen voor West I program.

The subsidy will be used primarily for the purchase of materials and components for AP3, such as the operating system, the ground station and the aircraft. 40% of the purchase costs of these systems are eligible under the Kansen voor West II program.

Pim Breukelman, Commercial Director Ampyx Power: “We are very pleased with the award of this important subsidy for our project. The application has been thoroughly reviewed by the management authority and the expert committee, that put an emphasize on the commercial feasibility of the proposal and the impact on the region. The fact that we have completed this process with success means that we are on the right track.”