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Learn, grow, and make a difference

Be part of a vibrant team of pioneers that is developing a highly innovative wind energy technology with a tethered wing. Get the opportunity to learn, grow, and make an actual difference. Are you looking for flexible work arrangements? No problem. We’ll find a solution and trust that you deliver on the agreed objectives.

“Our development and performance programme challenges individuals to identify ambitions and opportunities. It is my role to match ambitions with company objectives and to help colleagues to tailor their career to their needs."


Layla Groeneweg, HR Manager Ampyx Power

“The work here contains a sense of entrepreneurship as we are exploring some unknown territories in the field of airborne wind energy."

Jaap Bosch, Program Manager AP4 Ampyx Power

Highly skilled team

50 highly skilled professionals with more than 20 nationalities are working from The Hague and Melbourne. 85% has a university diploma and another 10% has a PhD degree. Previous employers include Universities, Nuon/Vattenfall, Airbus, ESA/ESTEC, Allseas, Shell, Fokker, Heineken and BAE Systems.

A small pool of MSc students is doing an internship, a thesis project or an industry fellowship at our company.

Together, we’re working on a technology that will help meet tomorrow’s energy demands.




Think in solutions

We value trust and think in solutions. We challenge each other to act pro-active and decisive. We expect everyone to think along with the company’s objectives and value everyone’s input and suggestions. We work with deadlines and objectives. This way of working helps us making significant steps in the development of a certifiable Airborne Wind Energy System for the utility scale market.


“I enjoy working on a very interesting and challenging project: shaping a wind energy aircraft. I work on the computational fluid dynamics and the aerodynamic shape optimization. I can’t wait to see the next prototype and the commercial type flying in the air."

Evgeniy Pechenik, Aerodynamics Engineer Ampyx Power


Open application
Feel free to submit your open application.

Welcome to the open application option of Ampyx Power. Thank you for taking the time to share your details with us. We are a growing company and thus in constant search for new and motivated talent.