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Prior to the start of this crowdfunding campaign, our existing shareholders and depository receipts holders could invest in Ampyx Power. With this pre-registration an amount of over € 520,000 was invested. In addition, there were new deposits of € 900,000 made by our “angel investors” at the pre-registration. Both amounts are included in the status bar on this page.

The need for green energy is increasing fast. We are developing a sustainable and affordable technology to meet this need. After 8 years of hard work, we are about to build our final prototype aircraft, the last step before the production of our certified commercial 2 MW system.

We have been using crowdfunding throughout the project to get the funding we need. Over  400 people invested in previous campaigns and are now co-owners of our company. Today we again ask the crowd to join us on our journey towards tomorrow’s energy.

"Ampyx Power is a promise to disrupt the wind-energy industry and make renewable energy more competitive"

Richard Kooloos, investor and board member STAK Informele Investeerders Ampyx PowerDirector Sustainable Banking ABN AMRO Bank

Our plan for the future

Ampyx Power has done everything to develop a market-ready product and we have a clear and feasible plan. Our international team of experts has started the construction of our next prototype that will be able to fly autonomously 24/7. This prototype is the last step to achieving a commercial 2 MW system. By 2020, 1 system will be able to provide 2000 households with sustainable energy, comparable with one large wind turbine.

How is our technology funded?

Ampyx Power is an independent company. We built 3 generations of prototypes in 8 years using capital from European and Dutch innovation grants. But the finance we count on the most has come from the public through crowd funding.


Crowd largest stakeholder Ampyx Power

Over 400 people have invested around 4 million Euro in Ampyx Power and now own a 20% share of the company. The crowd is our largest external shareholder. In Europe we belong to one of the few companies that managed to raise such significant funds from the crowd.

Today we are asking the crowd to join us on our journey to tomorrow’s energy by helping us build our last, fully-functional, 250 kW prototype with a wingspan of 12 m. Are you in? Invest today in the energy of tomorrow.

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How can I make an investment?

"Ampyx Power is without any doubt the most advanced Airborne Wind Energy (AWE) company in Europe."

Udo Zillmann, investor in Ampyx PowerManaging Partner Daidalos Capital and AWE specialist

We have developed an online portal for this investment round where you can purchase your share (Depository Receipts) in our company. Please create a profile on our portal. You will receive an e-mail notification with login instructions. Once you are in the portal you can request our memorandum and after that you can make an investment in just a few steps. You can join us by purchasing Depository Receipts of preferred Class D shares in the capital of Ampyx Power B.V.. The price per Depository Receipt is € 6,50.

You can pay with Ideal or by bank transfer.






We will be organising some crowdfunding events during the campaign. The events are in Dutch and powered by Staatsbosbeheer and Greenchoice.

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Note! An investment in Ampyx Power has a very high risk profile. As per the rules of the AFM (The Dutch Financial Markets Authority) there is no obligation to subject this proposition to AFM approval, or to provide a financial rider. But Ampyx Power and the Administrative Foundation Informal Investors Ampyx Power think it is important to inform you that, if there was a risk classification available for investing in share certificates in the capital of Ampyx power, it would without doubt be of the highest risk category.