Ampyx Power is an independent company. In the past 8 years, we’ve managed to raise more than €24-million through Depository Receipt offerings, Dutch and European innovation grants and with ‘in kind’ contributions.

'Ampyx Power is a promise to disrupt the wind energy market and to make sustainable energy more competitive.'

Richard KooloosInformal Investor and STAK chairman

Without informal investments, Ampyx Power would not have been able to build its pre-eminent position in the emerging Airborne Wind Energy sector. From April 2018 however, we will no longer offer informal investors the opportunity to invest in our company. From then we will only focus on strategic and formal investors supplemented by grants and subsidies.

Investor Network

During what remains of 2017, informal investors that would like to invest more than €200.000 will be offered an attractive investment proposition. Through the Investor Network Ampyx Power (“INAP”), angel investors (“Angels”) will be represented by an elected INAP chairman at the shareholders table. This means more influence on the business management of Ampyx Power. The investors in INAP will also receive detailed information on the progress of the company.

“INAP offers Angels attractive conditions as they will have their say at the shareholders table on behalf of a group of similar investors. This construction also has specific tax benefits and exemptions.”

Would you like to receive more information? Please contact us by sending an e-mail to or call Pim Breukelman, Commercial Director Ampyx Power on 0031 6 38137423.


Our most recent crowdfunding campaign was a novelty in The Netherlands: investors could buy their certificates directly online through our own website. The result exceeded our expectations. Apart from the fact that we raised € 406.165,50, 300 new crowd-funders from more than 19 countries became co-owners of our company.


Innovation grants:
Kansen voor West I & II, TKI wind op zee, Horizon 2020, Marie Curie

Current shareholders

Ampyx Power is without doubt the European market leader in the Airborne Wind Energy industry.

Udo Zillmann, investor Ampyx PowerManaging Partner Daidalos Capital and AWE specialist


The Crowd – About 700 people have invested more than € 5 million in depository receipts via the Administrative Foundation Informal Investors of Ampyx Power in the last few years. This group is represented by an elected chairman at the shareholders table. The crowd has an 18% stake in Ampyx Power.

The Angels – Larger informal investors in Ampyx Power (>€k200) that are grouped in the Investor Network Ampyx Power BV (“INAP”). INAP will consist of investors that invested from the very beginning as well as investors that came on board in the past few years. INAP holds a 35% stake in the company.

The Employees – Almost all our employees and former employees are co-owners of the company. The employees are represented at the shareholders table by an elected team member. Together the employees have a 42% stake in Ampyx Power.

The above mentioned groups are all informal investors.

Professional investors – 5% of Ampyx Power is financed by a professional investor, an investment fund.