… one giant leap

Artist impression of our future offshore systems.

From idea to concept. From concept to prototypes. From prototype to production. Ampyx Power is preparing to scale up.

We have a tight schedule when it comes to realizing our goal: the production of low cost energy which is also sustainable. The largest part of this long journey is behind us. That was developing a concept from an idea. We now have a prototype aircraft that has undergone two years of testing and complies with high civil aviation safety standards. Now we are scaling up with larger aircraft that can generate even more power. These are the PowerPlanes which will be used in Ampyx Power parks.

Time span

After a 2 year testing period of AP2 we now are designing the prototype AP3. In 2020 we expect to launch the AP4, our 2MW commercial model.

In this animation video you can see our future 2 MW system flying at our test site in Kraggenburg.

We are hardliners when it comes to safety and
an impeccable reputation is our goal.