Commercial system


Design started


Commercial System



Our commercial system is on the drawing board and will form the basis for a scalable commercial model.

Staged approach

The demonstrator, currently in production, focuses on autonomous operation, safety and predictable performance. Its architecture has been developed to be scalable to the commercial system. It’s already designed to be:

  • Certifiable
  • A platform for verification of the actual commercial avionics, control and software
  • Mostly similar to its successor from an architectural point of view

With the commercial system we will demonstrate the energy production capability and commercial viability. AP4 will be developed to serve several markets.

R&D projects aim to de-risk the development of a multi-megawatt scale system and allow for a cost-effective design. Read more about the projects.

The lessons learned and data collected from our demonstrator (AP3) will be invaluable to define and optimise its commercial successor.

Michiel Kruijff, Technical Director

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