Partners and Suppliers

Ampyx Power cooperates with a diverse range of partners and suppliers. Their knowledge and experience in areas like renewable energy and aviation is key to our success.

Commercial AWES are fully automated systems, compliant with stringent aviation regulation, designed for a service life of 20+ years, generating reliable and affordable energy for thousands of households. Ampyx Power cooperates with leading partners and suppliers to bring our innovation to maturity.


For the next development phase, we are looking for partners that can help demonstrate our technology floating offshore and for experience with highly automated aircraft manufacturing.


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Our Partners

With EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency) we established a clear and appropriate certification standard for our AWES. At the beginning of 2016, we started the certification trajectory of AP4. This means that we are already integrating future certification standard requirements in the detailed design of our products.

Netherlands Aerospace Centre (NLR), leader in the automated production of composite components for the aerospace industry, produces important parts of demonstrator AP3 in their NLR smart industry field lab. The production and certification of parts for our commercial system AP4 are also being prepared in close consultation with NLR.

In 2017 Ampyx Power entered into a partnership with E.ON, now RWE, a major European energy company. As part of the collaboration RWE provides the test- and demonstration locations for both demonstrator AP3 and its commercial successor AP4 in Ireland. In addition to the test and demonstration projects, the demonstration of Ampyx Power’s AWES at sea as well as the renovation of RWE’s first and second generation offshore wind farms are foreseen in the collaboration.