Products and Markets

We develop our products for the utility scale, grid-connected power generation market. To be deployed in wind farms, both on- and offshore.

AP4 is Ampyx Power’s first commercial product. The 150 m2 wing can be combined with a range of generators, depending on the application:

  • Offshore ‘repowering’, replacing old turbines and reusing electrical infrastructure and existing foundations. This is done to extend the life of aging wind farms.
  • Onshore deployment will be competitive in areas where unique selling points stand out. Due to reduced weight and compact size, transportation and installation is feasible in mountainous, remote areas and islands.


Being capable of harvesting higher stronger winds makes AWES the cost-effective solution for wind power generation on sites further inland with strong wind shear effects (wind speed increases with altitude).

Scaling up to 5 MW: floating offshore at highly competitive cost

AP5 is a 200-250 m2 wing, coupled to larger generators:

  • Combined with a 3 MW generator AP5 will be able to produce about 20% more energy annually than AP4 at 10% lower cost, making it an altogether more profitable product.
  • Coupled to a 5 MW generator, AP5 unlocks the market for floating offshore wind energy at a highly competitive Levelized Cost of Energy (LCoE).


With the ultimate goal to bring affordable wind power to as many places in the world, we constantly investigate the scaling limits of Airborne Wind Energy with strategic partners and research institutes. If you are interested to embark on this journey with us, please email us at