Target markets

We develop our products for the utility scale, grid-connected power generation market. To be deployed in wind farms, both on- and offshore.

Our commercialisation roadmap is based on discussions that we have entertained over the years with customers in this market: large energy companies, independent power producers and large end-users of electricity.

Market Entry

After demonstration in our Test Centres, commercial track record will be built in the offshore repowering market. Our first commercial product, the AP 2.0 MW will replace the turbines of similar power rating in early offshore wind farms when their service life has come to an end.

Rapid Growth

A scaled-up commercial product, the AP 3.0 MW, addresses the repowering of second generation offshore wind turbines.


This product is expected to be competitive with conventional offshore wind turbines, especially in locations further offshore in deep water where Ampyx Power’s AWES will be deployed on floating platforms. Ampyx Power is investigating together with ECN, Marin and Mocean technical concepts and cost levels of floating AWES.


Onshore application of AWES is a large potential market for Ampyx Power. Entry into the onshore market is planned after operational track record has been established offshore. Ampyx Power is developing a number of market partnerships in Australia where circumstances are favourable for onshore deployment.

Full Market Disruption

After having demonstrated the potential of AWES in different markets with the AP 3.0 MW product, Ampyx Power will develop multiple products tailored to target markets. Timing of the various product introductions will be a function of market penetration and demand. Resulting from technological improvements, scale-up and volume effects, cost per installed MW can be brought down to levels where both onshore and offshore wind power can be generated at costs well below the level requiring subsidies.

Offshore wind park