Energy for the future

Our mission? To expand the sustainable energy supply with scalable airborne wind innovation.


Unlocking new potentials for wind energy will help accelerate the energy transition.

"With our system we can provide sustainable energy at utility scale. Reaching out to higher altitudes and deeper waters enables us to expand the existing sustainable energy supply, and accelerate the energy transition."

Pim BreukelmanCommercial Director Ampyx Power

Our planet’s survival depends on a sustainable energy future. Existing technologies create progress towards this goal, but to accelerate the energy transition we must unlock additional sustainable energy sources. There’s huge potential from wind power at high altitudes, but current wind turbines max out at 200 m. The Ampyx Power Airborne Wind Energy System (AWES) with a tethered aircraft accesses the higher and more powerful winds, requiring much smaller foundations and much less material overall. It greatly increases the availability of sites for cost-effective harvesting of wind energy: off-shore repowering, deep offshore and remote onshore. By developing innovative, elegant and material-reducing solutions, Ampyx Power will help meet tomorrow’s energy needs.

How does it work?