Dutch Research Council grants PhD researchers to Ampyx Power

December 2019

To strengthen knowledge and innovation in The Netherlands, the Dutch Research Council (NWO) invested in interdisciplinary research consortia to achieve progress in areas like neuro technology, agricultural production systems and sustainable energy transition. Researchers from various disciplines will join forces to strengthen the Dutch knowledge and innovation system, supported by a strong consortium of national and international knowledge institutions, innovative companies, NGOs and governments.

One of NWO’s projects is ‘NEON’. This consortium allows researchers from different universities to work on challenges of a radical and consistent transition to renewable energies. The by Dutch industry co-founded project covers the entire energy life cycle from generation to network integration and consumption, including transportation. The NEON consortium has over 8 million euros to fund 32 PhDs over 5 years.

Airborne wind energy (AWE) is also covered in the NEON project, assigning four PhD researchers to help define the place that AWE might have in the broader context of a sustainable society. The four researchers will be working at the AWE research center at the faculty of Aerospace engineering at TU Delft and at Ampyx Power for a period of 4 years.

With 3 researchers at its disposal, Ampyx Power can work on Levelised Cost of Energy aspects, windfarm-level aspects and environmental impact of its commercial system.

TU Delft and Ampyx Power will be recruiting the 4 PhD researchers in the next few months.