Global Energy News: Tomorrow's energy with an innovative drone

March 2017

Join Ampyx Power on its journey to tomorrow’s energy. Ampyx Power develops a disruptive next generation wind energy technology with a drone attached to a cable. With this technology, the cost of wind power, both on- and offshore, can be dramatically reduced, while simultaneously reducing visual, noise and environmental impact of wind power installations.

When flying a kite at Noordwijk beach (the Netherlands) the Dutch astronaut and professor of Technical University Delft (TU Delft), Wubbo Ockels, discovered that he burned his hand when the line slipped. He decided to further research how this force could be converted into electricity. At TU Delft, Wubbo Ockels formed a team that worked on developing a kite that harvested electricity from the sky. Team leader Richard Ruiterkamp replaced the kite with a fixed wing which allows for greater scalability and controllability, and thus generating more electricity. In 2008, Richard founded Ampyx Power in order to develop a system for generating energy based on this principle and bring it to the market.

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