Patent for platform granted

May 2020

After an application process of 3 years the German Patent and Trademark office issued the official certificate and published the patent for our method for landing a tethered aircraft as well as a take-off and landing system. Another patent is still in the process.

Patent no: DE102017003499 contains: The method to land a tethered aircraft comprising the following steps: approaching a ground station with an aircraft (90), while the free length of the tether (92) between aircraft (90) and ground station is being shortened by means of a winch (62), until the free length of the tether reaches a predetermined value, – further approach towards the ground station (90) while the free length of the tether (62) is being kept at a predetermined value, – retaining the tether by means of a shifter system to form a loop, the loop being tensioned and contracted by the moving aircraft (90), and- damping the contraction of the loop by means of a damping device (41) to brake the aircraft (90) to a standstill at the platform.