Our Partners and Suppliers

We work closely together with our partners. They think along with us and make an important contribution to the development of our innovative technology.


Ampyx Power works closely with Netherlands Aerospace Centre (NLR), a leader in the automated production of composite components for the aerospace industry. Important parts of prototype AP3 will be produced in the NLR’s smart industry field lab, funded by Kansen voor West II.

The production and certification of important parts of the AP4 (2 MW) are being prepared in close consultation with NLR.


Our prototypes have met the strict safety requirements of civil aviation since 2010 and our operational standards have been approved by the Dutch aviation authorities since then. Our test location in Kraggenburg in the Noord-Oostpolder has been designated as a special air traffic area. Since 2014, Ampyx Power has been in close consultation with EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency), to establish a clear and appropriate certification standard for our Airborne Wind Energy System. At the beginning of 2016, we started the certification trajectory of our commercial product. This means that we are already integrating future certification standard requirements in the detailed design of our products.


Ampyx Power entered into a partnership with E.ON, a major European energy company, in April 2017. As part of the collaboration E.ON provides the test- and demonstration locations for both AP3 and its successor AP4. E.ON is responsible for the lease costs of the site, the development costs, and the costs of civil and electrical infrastructure. Ampyx Power will be able to carry out the full testing and verification program and the demonstration of both AP3 and the 2 MW at these locations. E.ON is developing the test location in Ireland, in County Mayo. In addition to the aforementioned test and demonstration projects, the demonstration of Ampyx Power’s Airborne Wind Energy Systems at sea as well as the renovation of E.ON’s first and second generation offshore wind farms are foreseen in the collaboration.