Safety for people, animals and environment

Ampyx Power is constantly aware of the safety and environmental impact of its systems. We are committed to the highest design- and operational standards. 

Safe, reliable, certified

To be able to market our PowerPlane technology successfully, it is crucial that we comply with the highest safety standards. Not only should the level of the quality and reliability of our systems be high, but measurable and controllable as well. This is why we have chosen to have our company and our products certified according to stringent civil aviation safety guidelines.  Ampyx Power distinguishes itself in the Airborne Wind Energy sector due to this strategic decision.

Safety measures:

  • All critical components are redundant. 
  • The aircraft flies at an altitude of up to 450m where there is general aviation traffic. Together with aviation authorities we are working on the control, segregation or restrictions in the airspace.
  • Lightning protection.
  • Automatic protection systems when the cable breaks.

The aircraft has been extensively tested in the past two years and it has flown above our own test area in Flevopolder (Kraggenburg, the Netherlands). From 2010 the ‘Inspectie Leefomgeving & Transport’ ( inspection habitat and transport) gave us all the approvals to test our system in the Netherlands. PowerPlanes belong to the class ‘Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems’ and European regulations are being developed creating a legal basis for our activities.

Impact on the environment

PowerPlanes move up to 450m above the Earth’s surface attached to a cable with a width of two centimetres.  The cables are connected to generators situated close to the ground or just above water.  This is why the visual impact on the landscape is less intrusive than that of traditional electric power plants and wind turbines.

There is no room at our current Noordoostpolder test site for expansion. This is why we want to set up a demonstration site in Australia.  In the Netherlands we are looking for a suitable spot together with Staatsbosbeheer (the Dutch Forestry Commission that manages a large part of the nature reserves in the Netherlands).  

Consultant Altenburg & Wymenga has been commissioned by Staatsbosbeheer and Ampyx Power to research Ampyx Power systems’ expected impact on flora and fauna.