Yannan Zhang

At Ampyx Power we tackle technical challenges every day. The challenges are what attracted me to the company, yet it is this team environment which keeps me motivated.

Michiel Kruijff

Uniformity and standstill equals emptiness, diversity and development is fulfillment. A multidisciplinary job, a diverse team, personal development, and working on an innovative technology to make the world a better place: Ampyx Power provides it all.

Evgeniy Pechenic

I enjoy working on a very interesting and challenging project: shaping a wind energy aircraft. As an Aerodynamics Engineer I work on the computational fluid dynamics and the aerodynamic shape optimization. I can't wait to see the next prototype and the commercial type flying in the air.

Stefano Cottafavi

I was attracted to Ampyx Power because it offered me a way of building something for the future. I really feel part of the development of a forefront technology.

Orlando Diaz

What attracted me to Ampyx Power is the proposition that you can apply your design knowledge in the engineering of an aircraft. I feel the freedom to do my job, however, my teammates and I have weekly goals which creates an objective-oriented environment where we constantly tackle problems head-on with our peers.

The team

Programmers. Technicians. Hard-core scientists. Visionaries. Our team is a vibrant and international group of more than 45 experts working in the Netherlands and Australia. Together, we have all the skills in-house to successfully market our technology. Moreover, all our employees are company shareholders of Ampyx Power so everyone can benefit from the success.

Ampyx Power’s reputation attracts international experts who have a scientific background as well as experience in working for established companies. With this in-house expertise, we can realize our ambitions.

Fahri Akçomak

System Engineer

Marco D' Alessio

Electronics Engineer

Daniel Bigott

Mechatronics Engineer

Vincent Bonnin

Conceptual Aircraft Design Engineer

Jaap Bosch

Project Manager AP3

Pim Breukelman

Commercial Director

Stefano Cottafavi

Mechatronics Engineer

Orlando Diaz

Electronics Engineer

Sebastiaan Engelen

Senior Aircraft Design Engineer

Wouter Falkena

Senior Algorithms Engineer

Iker Garcia de Galdiano

System Engineer

Shadi Ghandchi

Algorithms Engineer

Layla Groeneweg

HR Manager

Veerle Hellin

Office Manager

Jean Huang W.

Aircraft Design Engineer

Daniel Jansen

Structures Engineer

Sally Jibrail


Alfred Klomp

Software Engineer

Dmitriy Kropiventsev

Senior Structures Engineer

Michiel Kruijff

Head of Technology

Jotham Lay

Algorithms Engineer

Sean Lyne

Workshop Lead

Omar Malet Luquin

Mechatronics Engineer

Michael Mendes Anderson

Financial Manager

Mathieu Mirmont

Senior Software Engineer

Marcos Paz Duart

Senior Mechatronics Engineer

Evgeniy Pechenic

Aerodynamics Engineer

Pedro Pinto Leite

Air Vehicle Operator

Kevin Rand

Systems Engineer

Willemijn Romijn-Kasteleijn

Communications manager

Folkert Roscam Abbing

Electronics Engineer

Richard Ruiterkamp

Founder and CEO

Bruno Santos

Software Engineer

Mark Scholten

Structures Engineer

Sören Sieberling

Project Manager

Ilias Spiliotopoulos

Senior Electronics Engineer

Durk Steenhuizen

Aircraft Design Engineer

Maris Tali

Software Engineer

Ehsan Tofigh

Software Engineer

Eric Trottemant

Senior Algorithms Engineer

Kasper van Asbeck

Aircraft Maintenance Technician

Hans van der Hoek

Chief Aircraft Maintenance

Bernard Van Hemert

Project Manager

Ryan Vu

Chief Pilot - Flight Operations Manager

Carel Wagenaar


David Wielemaker

Test & Verification Engineer

Stefan Wilhelm

Product Assurance Officer

Paul Williams

Senior Algorithms Engineer

Yannan Zhang

Data Analyst