AWES are compact systems that harness powerful winds at higher altitude




How does it work?

A tethered wing is connected to a generator on the ground. It flies crosswind in repetitive patterns, pulling the tether that drives the generator.

After this reel-out phase during which electricity is generated, the wing glides back towards the generator and the process is repeated. The aircraft launches and lands automatically from a platform.

Advantages of our technology

In comparison with conventional turbines, Airborne Wind Energy Systems (AWES):

  • Use significantly less material
  • Operate on higher altitudes, where wind is stronger and more constant
  • Do not require massive towers and foundations, which means reduced cost for construction and installation, and allowing cost effective floating offshore operation



“Unlocking new areas for wind energy will help accelerate the energy transition."


Richard Ruiterkamp, Founder Ampyx Power

In comparison with other Airborne Wind Energy concepts, Ampyx Power operates:

  • Rigid wings for high-efficiency and stable control
  • Ground based power generation equipment for safety, ease of maintenance and superior efficiency
  • Ground based launch & landing systems, for high reliability and multi MW scalability

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