Demonstrator AP3

Facts & Figures


Autonomous all-weather operation

150 kW

Rated Power

200 - 450 m


Pre-commercial demonstrator AP3 consists of an aircraft, a tether, a launch and land platform and a power generation system.

Program Objectives

AP3 focuses on fully automatic operation, safety and predictable performance. Its architecture has been developed to be certifiable and scalable to the commercial system.

“AP3 focuses on fully automatic operation, safety and predictable performance."


Soeren Sieberling, Program Manager AP3 Ampyx Power

Test Objectives

Objectives of the test and verification campaign at the RWE test site in Ireland are fully automatic power generation cycles and to accumulate flight hours in 24/7 all-weather conditions.

“Drop-in” philosophy

Flight Control System demonstrated in AP3 is ready to be “dropped-in” to commercial products without additional development.

Scalable Landing Concept

Centimeter-precision conventional landing is already achieved on our AP2 test program to enable future AP3 operations.

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“The lessons learned and data collected from our demonstrator (AP3) will be invaluable to define and optimise its commercial successor."

Michiel Kruijff, Head of Technology Ampyx Power

Stepping stone for commercial successors

  • Our demonstrator AP3 will already prove full functionality and safe operation
  • The architecture, autopilot and software are designed for commercial systems
  • With AP3 flight data we can reliably predict the power curve of our commercial system
  • The team is already structured with processes to develop certified commercial products

Scaling up will primarily concern more wing surface and larger generators.

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