Flight Operations

We perform regular flight testing to verify control algorithms and to validate system design.

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Authorized flight operations since




Registered aircraft

Ampyx Power Flight Operations have performed hundreds of flight test campaigns with 8 prototypes since 2009. The first series of prototypes (AP1, 10kW, grid connected) demonstrated automatic crosswind power generation in 2011. Since 2013 the second-generation prototypes (AP2, 20kW, grid connected) proved  autonomy in all operational modes within a wide range of environmental conditions. Recently AP2 has also been used as test-bed for the AP3 Flight Control System.


Ampyx Power Flight Operations has a 50+ years combined experience in manned and unmanned aviation.

Flight Operations Center Kraggenburg

We cooperate closely with local stakeholders and authorities to acquire all necessary approvals and restricted airspace for our test site.