Quality and Safety

Ampyx Power complies with the highest safety standards and actively shapes the regulatory framework.

Engaging with authorities to maximise safety

In keeping with our commitment to safe and reliable commercial operations, we maintain an open dialogue with regulatory authorities. In this way we help to inform this new regulatory landscape with input on key topics such as airworthiness, design organization, operational procedures, and certification.


Design processes lead to better learning and lower cost

Our processes provide traceability in case of issues, which facilitates essential activities like root cause analysis and increases transparency across the project. By subscribing to a systematic development approach we’ve achieved more efficient design convergence as well as better learning and improvement possibilities. This has resulted in improved planning capabilities and lower end-to-end development cost.

Ampyx Power has transitioned from skunkworks to a company that develops systems with a high level of measurable reliability and quality


The appropriate certification standard for our products is based on aviation safety requirements. Together with the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA), we began the certification process of our commercial system in 2016, already integrating future certification requirements in pre-commercial systems. The demonstrator (AP3) design includes the avionics, system architecture and safety approach for a certifiable product.


“Certification of design and production method allows for production in large numbers with only functional testing required for each delivered item rather than full verification."

Michiel Kruijff, Head of Technology Ampyx Power

“We’ve recorded all design trade-offs, made design justifications and captured the results in design requirements from facility level to item level."

Stefan Wilhelm, Quality Assurance Officer Ampyx Power

Quality Management System

We have specified and implemented all work processes in a tailored Quality Management System (QMS), which provides full traceability. This systematic approach is a precondition to achieving our ambition of scaling-up to multi-MW systems and mass production.