Research and Development

With R&D projects we prepare ourselves for the design phase of multi-MW products.

Development and further de-risking of the first commercial system (AP4), will be primarily concerned with upscaling, i.e. more wing surface and larger generators. We’re currently addressing each major assumption underlying the projected sizing, costs and power performance of AP4. This is done through megawatt-scale bread boarding and analysis activities.

Project Daedalus

With DSM we started a research project to design a tether (cable) and tether guidance system for our commercial system (AP4) that minimizes maintenance and replacement costs .

Project Akka

With NLR (Netherlands Aerospace Center) we develop an aircraft layout for the commercial system (AP4). NLR applies its extensive expertise in the field of aircraft design, aerodynamic properties and analysis. The aircraft design is a novelty in the aviation industry as the considerably sized aircraft needs to be agile like a fighter plane.

Project Sea-Air-Farm

With ECN (Energy Research Centre Netherlands), Marin (Maritime Research Institute Netherlands) and Mocean Offshore we conducted a feasibility study covering the offshore application of a floating Airborne Wind Energy System and the possibilities and limitations of an entire airborne wind park in deep waters. The research showed that a floating AP5 design (upscaled version of commercial system AP4) can deliver a highly competitive proposition.

TKI Wind op Zee (Top consortium for Knowledge and Innovation Offshore Wind), part of the Top Sector Energy, has granted subsidy for the abovementioned projects. A number of other projects are in the application process.