Ampyx Power Australia

Test Centre Winchelsea

Ampyx Power is developing a Test Centre on farmland between the towns of Winchelsea and Inverleigh in Australia to test its airborne wind energy technology.

Ampyx Power has a Test Centre at Kraggenburg in the Netherlands, where the first and second generation PowerPlanes have been flown and tested since 2010. Testing of our next generation PowerPlane will, however, due to its larger size, require larger setbacks from roads and houses than can be achieved in the Netherlands. The site at Winchelsea was identified through an extensive world-wide search process taking into account many variables and key attributes.

We will be applying for the relevant planning and aviation permits and approvals for Winchelsea in early 2017. Construction of onsite infrastructure will begin early 2018, with flight testing operations commencing in the few months following after this.

We will do our utmost to inform all stakeholders about our milestones and the developments. You can follow us on Twitter at @ampyxpowerAUS, or register for our community newsletter, which is issued quarterly. A database with all Australia related news can be found here: News Australia.

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