Test centre The Netherlands

Test centre The Netherlands

Close consultation with neighbours and farmers about test flights

Ampyx Power has its own test centre in the Netherlands: the Flight Operations Center in Kraggenburg, Noordoostpolder (the Netherlands). This is where our prototype AP2 (5,5m wingspan) test demonstrations are carried out. During the testing phase to ensure safety, flight demonstrations only occur in mutual agreement with farmers and when farming operations do not take place.

Ampyx Power greatly values a good relationship with local residents and companies nearby its test centre. Once every year we invite those from the local area to visit our test centre, and Ampyx Power employees visit residents and farmers on a regular basis. Further development of Ampyx Power technology in Kraggenburg (the Netherlands) is only possible with regional cooperation.  We also receive valuable feedback from residents on what they think of our test flights.

Neighbours and farmers share their views

Neighbour Rutger Koelewijn lives nearby the test centre: ‘It’s wonderful that something new is happening in our polder. I’m curious whether this plane technology will actually be used in the future. I have to see it before I believe it.’ His wife Hanny adds: ‘Finding ways to generate sustainable energy is good for the environment. And not only that, it’s less expensive.’  Farmer Kees van de Kar who lives right next to the test centre has been involved from the beginning: ‘It’s good that technology is being developed which will generate cheaper energy. I do see and hear the planes from where I live. The situation the way it is now, is acceptable.’

Farmer Jan Looise: ‘The technology is interesting, and I’d rather have PowerPlanes in the surrounding area than solar panels everywhere. I’m confident that this technology will be utilized in the future.  Ampyx Power’s development of this technology is impressive. My son, with whom I often work with, lives approximately one kilometre from the test centre. Taking these test flights into account is not a problem for us.  We often look to see if they’re in the sky.’

Contact details

Nico-Jan Grijff
Flight Operations Manager
(06) 12 32 81 65