Test locations


For testing and commercial deployment of our systems, we have a number of sites in operation and under development.


Ampyx Power has its own test site in the Netherlands: the Flight Operations Center in Kraggenburg, Noordoostpolder. This is where we have tested our first and second generation prototypes since 2009 and where we test our current prototype AP2 with a wingspan of 5,5 meters.


Mammouthweg 30
8317 RC Kraggenburg


As our next prototype AP3 will be larger in size, and as the operation will be expanded, we have requirements that cannot be achieved in Kraggenburg. We will therefore divert to other locations. The test and verification program for AP3 will go through four phases that require different locations:

Workshop tests

This test phase is planned to last for about 2 months and is expected to be performed in our workshop in The Hague or at Breda International Airport where the aircraft will be manufactured.

Ground tests

These tests consist of mainly taxi tests. The ground test phase lasts about 1.5 months. These tests are being performed at an airfield with paved runways in the Netherlands, most likely at Breda International Airport.

Low wind test site

Following the ground tests, the aircraft is commissioned for flight testing at a low wind site. The flight envelope will slowly be expanded and its aerodynamics are identified. Low wind site testing lasts for about 3 months. A suitable low wind test site with paved runways is currently still to be determined.

High wind test site

At the high wind test site, the aircraft, the launch and land platform and the ground station will be integrated and tested together as a whole system. For the high wind testings that are planned to span over a 2 year period, we will be using E.ON’s demonstration site for Airborne Wind Energy concepts in Ireland. Ampyx Power’s system will be amongst the first to be tested at the proposed research and development site. E.ON has extensive experience in developing wind energy sites and will be closely involved in our test programs.

High wind test site in Australia

Ampyx Power is preparing a test site on farmland between the towns of Winchelsea and Inverleigh in Victoria, Australia. In 2017 we have applied for planning permit. Construction of onsite infrastructure could begin in 2018, with flight testing operations commencing in the few months following after this. Final decision to use this test site has not yet been made.